Three Promised Detail Shots from last night’s Camargue Memory

oil paint is glorious, and only takes about 40 years to learn proficiency

Jonathan Herbert landscape oil painting of the Camargue

The Paint on Camargue Memory (detail 1)

Jonathan Herbert landscape oil painting

Camargue Memory (detail 2)

Jonathan Herbert landscape oil painting

Camargue Memory (detail 3)

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Eine Kleine Tag Musik

a little canon g15 preview before the big shoot in two weeks

close-ups of the brushwork soon

Jonathan Herbert oil painting landscape France Provence Memoir

Camargue Memories
14 x 18 inches Oil on linen

The trip of a lifetime.

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Sneak Preview of the Two Latest Bodies of Work at the Dumbo Arts Festival this Weekend!

New Tarot and Kaballah Paintings (Oil on Linen) are hung up on the walls! Come join us. 

Friday September 27th 6 – 8 PM
Saturday Sunday 28 and 29th 12 – 5 PM

Dumbo Arts Festival 2013



68 Jay Street Studio 803
Brooklyn NY 11201

BC NIXON version I don’t know what

naked girl, oil painting, Jonathan Herbert, BC NIXON 11o17 latest version 2011o0017.jpg

BC NIXON IN A KIMONO 11o17 latest version 38 x 30 inches Oil, Charcoal, Conte, Oil Stick on Belgian Linen

“Taste Me” Naked Girl with Blue Knees Socks

Taste Me 8W0423 acrylic and charcoal on paper 30 x 22 inches

The Alchemical Shrine

From shamanism to alchemist to artist; chain of spiritual translation unbroken.

Intensity of Focus

Jonathan Herbert painting from the model.

Jonathan Herbert creating the oil painting "Red Queen Naked" 40 x 30 inches Oil on Linen copyright 2008 Jonathan Herbert

Intensity of focus results from relinquishing control.